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Hello, I'm Dani Glassman.

I'm so glad you visited my site, and I look forward to helping you along your path to achieving more balance of mind, body and spirit and ultimately feeling better!


Over the past 25 years, I have been committed to the field of wellness and mind-body therapies with training and experience in Yoga and Mindfulness, Massage Therapy, Counseling and Health Promotion.  The combination of these experiences has allowed me to address each person's unique needs and goals with personalized attention. 


Whether it's teaching a yoga class or workshop, a private yoga lesson or a massage therapy session, I truly love getting to know each person I work with and always feel honored to be a part of their journey!

Yoga & Mindfulness

Mindful movement and breath can change the way you feel physically, mentally, and energetically. I believe that anyone can do yoga (not just the "flexible" people!), and that it is much more than a series of physical poses --- it’s an opportunity to connect with our breath, the moment and our innermost selves. I encourage students to start practice “where they are” and move from there, finding their own unique edge and being true to themselves. 


My goal is for students to enjoy each experience and leave feeling energized, relaxed, balanced and most importantly, inspired to come back for more!  I offer group classes, workshops, and series at Performance Pilates in Chesterfield, Majestic Dance Studio in Frontenac, and Life Time Frontenac. I also love working with individuals one-on-one in the studio or the comfort of their own home. 

Massage Therapy

Massage isn't only used to "pamper" ourselves these days --- I believe it is a powerful, yet non-invasive therapy that can help relieve physical discomfort and restrictions in the body, calm the nervous system, and improve one's overall mind-body health and well-being. 


With over 24 years of training and experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I take time to really get to know my clients to understand the "whole person" and offer specific therapies and self-care recommendations to meet their unique needs and goals. 

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